Soooo Sex or Bikes..

Found this today so im curious…vote in the above poll!
Do Cyclists Prefer Bikes To Sex? | Gizmodo Australia

sex with bikes

bikes never say no to a ride…

just coz they don’t SAY no doesn’t mean yes

Bike never says no… That is one thing they have over woman…

Though as we all know… The ladies win every single time regardless of whether or not you get any sex…

I’ve never cried about a bicycle (yet).

Yup… That’s the truth

I’ve never cried after riding a bicycle??? To much

Hahah after an epic ride either way you need a nap!

found this in the comment section

Why Bicycles Are Better Than Women

bro … I don’t think that’s cool. We gotz women’s on these forums and it’s not gonna make any of them very happy or hang around much.

Edited out, but really if they can’t see that it is all in good faith/humor then they probably shouldn’t be here. There is a pretty big clique on these boards and a lot of people on here are are asshole’s. so if they don’t have thick skin then they probably won’t be on here. So some stupid sexist Internet jokes can’t really be that bad.

You should have left it alone … It was ironically accurate…

So doing the right thing is not doing the right thing? Oh the irony.

thank you for editing your earlier post. you saved me from having to ban you.

with this quote:

you just nicely proved that you are one of them.

while i’m here, i should report that this thread is infinitesimally close to being deleted. keep it clean and non-sexist or face a ban. and bear in mind that i have an extremely broad definition of sexism, including but not limited to patriocentricity, the male gaze, objectification of women, and so on, and so on.

if in doubt, leave it out. the world will survive just fine without your “hilarious” comment.

Even if with a de rosa?

I thought I’d live with my De Rosa Anniversario forever. Knew full provenence (built for a personal friend of Ugo’s), panto’d Delta’s, wowzer’s from every bike fiend who saw it etc etc. I even flew with when I came back home to Oz.

Then one day I sold and barely felt any remorse. It rode very well, was stunning to look at, my size … but I wasn’t excited about it anymore and wasn’t riding it as much for fear of damaging it. Out it went.

I just don’t get attached to bikes.

With that attitude, you’re the one that shouldn’t be here, and also the reason there aren’t more women participating here.

You mustn’t be bike-sexual then.