sorenson roadie - cheap as - melbourne.

Sorenson racer fixer Alloy lightweight frame bayswater | eBay

Could be a shitty pic, but that seat tube looks hella bent

i’m confused by this bike, but at $70 someone should grab it. a few half decent parts… (nitto bars? campy seatpost?)

could the seat tube be designed like this? seat post also looks bent.

^ Those bars are worth the BIN price alone!

who bought it?

I bought it, before I saw this thread tho! … I thought the bent tubes/the entire bike looked interesting. If its bent in a f**ked way then Im not paying. Gonna have it as my spare ride in the shed for friends to borrow maybe? Dunno, for the price I thought I could have a little fun with it or sell it on to someone who needs it.

Why not? Forgetting the frame there were some nice parts.

I mean if i got to pick it up and its a giant piece of ass then I dont want it, but I’m confident its gonna be all good. The rust around the BB is my only real concern, but yeah for the price who cares.