Sorry for my ignorance. Please help me.

Hi everyone,
Im new to fixies/ss and really, really need some advice. I ride a road bike every morning for exercise, and also had a hybrid for commuting (which just got stolen in the QLD floods!). I really want to get a fixie to replace the hybrid, they just look like rad fun! So jealous when i see people cruising em. Anyway, what should i buy if i want one for around $600-700 dollars!!?!! Heres my options so far (in brisbane).

1 - Apollo Salt: $550 (i get a 150 dollar discount cause my mate works at the lbs, this is what i am heading with so far just cause i get so much off. Is it a good bike?)
2 - Cell (i don’t really want to get a cell because i think i need a 54 frame (im 172) and I’m apprehensive about getting the small (53cm). Does anyone taller then me ride the 53 frame??)
3 - Mojo (I’m also apprehensive, as so many people on the net hate on them. They look really cool online though and it was originally my first preference. Can anyone tell me why they have such a bad rep???)
4 - Schwinn Madison
5 - KHS 100 (i don’t like the frame paint/logo job)

I haven’t really looked at any others yet. Im basically going to buy one on the advice people give me on this forum. So please post me some information, your preferred fixie bike/brand, general advice for an ignorant newbie, etc. Please help me out!!! What sort of bike should i get!

P.S. I have searched through the forum looking at newbie posts etc, but would still like advice from you guys despite the large amount of previous entries on the topic.

Cheers guys, danny.

good is a matter of opinion. schwinn, apollo or cell will certainly get you started, as will an SE or KHS Flite100 (if you can find the KHS at that price).
also, because this thread will be closed by 9am Friday i’ll kindly recommend you to peruse/ask questions in this thread

You’re a legend. Thanks dude!