#SOTB Burgers

I’m coming down to Melbourne this weekend, let’s ride sweet track bikes from fed square to 8 Bit Burgers on Friday evening. Meet at 6

See you at 6pm.

Sounds awesome, I still am yet to try 8 bit too! But alas I’ll be out in the hills for the weekend not getting km’s in the legs

no chance ill go to footscrazy after work, but ill roll some of the way with you guys. probs with a beer in hand.

Done. See you then! Will be rolling on the ultimately appropriate SOTB Kumo.

8 bit is the shit. Double dragon with peanut butter shake. Job done.

Track biked it to work today. Won’t be able to stay for dinner but should get along for the ride.

Summer of the burgers!

See you soon guys

Keith - I would like a written report on 8bit Burgers plz. I am writing a list for Spooky Cross weekend.

Great ride, great people, great burgers.
The line for burgers was HUGE, though they got the orders out very quickly.
I would have liked a bigger milkshake though, they skimped on that.
Would ride out there again and smash another Double Dragz and PB milkshake.