SOTB special: $1 track wheelset

Vintage Track Wheelset Suntour Superbe 36H Hubs Hoshi Bladed Spokes Mavic GP4 | eBay

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taticycles pricing up in here!

€1 fits and nutella embrocation next?

€1 personal embrocation already offered !!

Btw, thanks for bringing Tati to my attention … what a cool store/concept/attitude as well as good taste in prints/images :wink:

SOTB wheels sold for $66. Buyer won fair & square, good for him.
To ship these wheels via courier to Rocky cost more than the $50 I estimated… $63.40 actual.
Again the buyer understood and I sent him the actual invoice payment to confirm the exact cost.

Then those motherfuckers from ebay … Fark me … help themselves to a % of the shipping cost (the buyer’s expense, and something I charged actual cost on, not including box and tape etc). They call it a final value fee on shipping !!!

As if they couldn’t get anymore retarded … everything they do just ends up costing people more and turning them away. Absolutely gobsmacked.

Yeah, ebay can get fucked with there tax % on shipping price. I noticed this recently as well. Plus then if they pay by paypal your getting stung with paypal fees.

I think it’s so they get a % even if someone sells an item for $1 and charges $150 on shipping. But I agree ebay/paypal charges are pretty annoying. I wish bitcoin was more widely adopted.

completely understand paying a fee for making a sale, but when your charging out the actual shipping cost to the customer and then ebay takes a swipe at this payment as well its pretty dumb. Ebay can’t provide a shipping service so why the hell can they take a fee for shipping.

Lusting over TA pedals Papa

Yeah ebay sucks balls these days. Its almost not worth selling small items once you factor in the fees plus paypal fees. Its gonna backfire on ebay.

I’ve never sold anything on eBay for this exact reason. It just doesn’t end up being worth after they take their many many cuts, not unless you sell the product for a large margin.

These days when I sell on eBay I write in the listing I am selling it cheaper on gumtree, then I try and make the sale there but still get all the ebay views and send them to gumtree.
After the latest batch of seller fees I had deducted, after so many years as a seller I’m definitely getting over it.