Source for 110/74 chainrings?

I’ll need to replace the chainrings on a Sugino triple crankset that I bought from Westdad Pete. Having trouble sourcing decent quality and reasonably priced chainrings in 42/32/22. Black or silver. Would prefer not to buy from the US.

I got my 24t 74bcb rings on ebay, ~$20 for a sugino, might be hard to get a 42t,

Ribble have some cheap 110bcd rings

thanks. I’ll do some searching on eBay for the little ring.

Edit: I could easily go up to a 44 or 46 for the big ring, so that’s no issue.

The Stronglight rings don’t have pins & ramps for the smaller ring sizes as they are designed for a inner double position.
They would work fine but shifting would be a bit sucky.

A few companies were using stainless steel 74 BCD granny rings, which last for ages.
I picked up one like this for $2 at a swap meet. Maybe try Bikes for Refugees & see what they have.
Something like that would be a gold coin donation.

Disregard all of this. The bcd is 94/58.

Ah thats a bit more niche. Uncle HALbot had a stash if i recall?

For now, I’ll probably only need to replace the 32t middle ring.

I think I got most of HalBOTs 94 BCD rings in the pre-Southern move, don’t remember any 32T rings.
Only 32T ring I’ve had so far had a busted tooth.

Middleburn is a good, but somewhat expensive. Slickshift is the pinned & ramped version.
Blackspire also good but exxy - Pro version is 7/8 speed, Super Pro is 9/10 speed.