source for Thompson and Pauls components.

Local source for Thompson and Pauls components.

I can get a 70mm silver Thomposn seat post for about $75 beans online.
I’d rather buy Melbourne local but I dont want to have to go into one bike shop after another asking for them. Anyone know whos got them in stock?

Also chasing a Paul lever

Call the distributors. They should be able to at least tell you which dealers have ordered them recently

BSC in Elizabeth St had Thomson stems last time I was there, but they wanted ~$180 each for them. I’ve never seen a bike shop stock Pauls stuff.

Not local, but the best place I know for Thomson stuff (and White, Chris King) is Aspire Velotech - good prices, often free shipping and excellent service.

Why do Aussie stores charge so much? are they not selling in numbers that allow then to order in bulk?

Me either

Great link!

$85 for a Thompson post and free shipping. :smiley:

actually i saw a paul lever and i think brake on a bike on display in front of the workshop at Fitzroy Revolution (nee Cycles). Maybe give them a ring. I don’t think they actually stock them but I’m sure they’d order if you wanted it.

To be fair to the LBS community, while it has its share of dickheads it’s the big distributors that drive high prices and long lead times in OZ.

+1 for aspirevelotech, I’ve used them several times for Thomson & Chris King bits - Mike and the crew are all excellent to deal with.

Looks like ProbikeKit are also starting to stock thompson although they have low stock levels. There stems are quite cheap, but they only have the X2 road stem in a 120mm length.

Hopefully the will stock more as the prices are very competitive

Not really. Aspire do free shipping on all Thomson stuff, which makes them either cheaper or about the same, and they stock everything in all sizes. The Masterpiece seatpost is actually quite a bit cheaper than PBK for some reason.

i emailed aspire to order a stem+seatpost, only to get a reply back saying that they don’t ship thomson products internationally anymore…

anyone know of any other online stores for thomson that have reasonable prices and shipping?

check . use to see if there are better deals around, then use the pricematching facility. The prices are often good, but the postage is stiff, but generally still worth it.

Good timing on my part. I ordered a post about one week ago. My funds only just cleared.

i got my thomson stem and post from ebay.
my post was from an australian seller and it was $82.50 including postage.
stem was from a US seller and it was about $105 i believe.

Aspire sells on ebay. Don’t know if they still do since the ‘no international shipping’ news break.