South Aus Pub bike frame

As per title, Ricardo Tange Champion frame, fender eyelets, 56cm

ricardo elite steel frame 56 cm, Tange champione tubing. | eBay

Hmmm. I have everything to build that up except for two brake levers, but no need for it. Would be rad with a front rack though and risers for a commuter though.

Do I bid?

27" or 700C? Hard to tell.

Guessing it’s 27" as the same seller has the ‘other bits’ for this.

Yeah, I saw that and talked myself out of it.

I have two levers you can have.

This is actually perfect for a mate of mine. Have you got room in your car for 2 frames JLN? I’ll buy you 1 more beer than Rolly does

It’s only a lowly #5 PG tubeset, starting bid would be max$$$

So it is, for some reason I thought it was #3. I’m out

And have confirmation from the seller that it is a 27" frameset.