South East Asia

I’m planning on doing a 3 month trip this summer over my uni holidays and had planned on going to Canada for 3 months to snowboard. I’ve lived and boarded in Canada before for a year and realised that maybe I should try and do something different and see more of the world rather than continue back to the same place.

So I thought of South East Asia and want some advice on places to go or things to see and would like to know expenses. Firstly I want to travel to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, India and Nepal. I’ve done a bit of research and heard of people surviving easily in SE asia on $100 a week. Does that sound reasonable?

Also heard India and Nepal are much cheaper with some backpackers surviving on $100AU a month! I want to go to Nepal so I can hike to Everest base camp.

I’m doing this alone and want to know if there are many other western backpackers or travellers to meet. Did you meet many outgoing people and are there many places to party? Plan on taking five to six thousand spending money for 3 months? sound reasonable?

I can only speak for Vietnam but i can vouch for it.
It’s a really nice place, and very cheap. When i was there the dollar was shit and during the month we spent pretty big an still only spent 800 dollars excluding flights.
That said i found it hard to get away from the tourist trail. So there are HEAPS of people to meet. Everyone is very friendly and happy to share stuff. While this was great, it did sometimes feel i was just back in Australia, but everything was cheaper, and i was drunk more.

I’ve been to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos (a few years back) and am currently planning a trip there later this year. All countries are very cheap, a meal and a couple of beers would be $10 if you were living it up and accommodation with air-con should cost no more than $40 in the cities and $20 off the track a bit. So depending on what you want to do and what style of accommodation, $100 would be easy per day, you’d really struggle to spend more.
For places to go I always recommend trying to hook up a home-stay/couch surf for at least one night. We spent the Cambodian New Year (which was at 7pm-ish??) having dinner in a local house - awesome fun and great experience (and tasty tarantulas…!)

vang-vieng, laos.
stay there for a week.
that is all.