Spacers for Ultegra cassette

I seem to have misplaced some spacers for an Ultegra 6700 cassette.
Without calling around first, does anyone know if these are regularly stocked items in LBS’s?
Or if I need to special order them?

I need three “Sprocket Spacer (t=2.35 mm)”


Any LBS would have heaps laying around. Why do you need three?

On the schematic diagram it shows three, and seeing I can’t remember how many were on it, I’m assuming I need 3?

Oh yeah the ones that go in between the carriers. Sorry I was thinking you meant the tiny spacer for when you put a Shimano cassette on a Mavic freehub. Proceed.

you will need a small spacer behind the cass, for 10spd its like 1mm thick you will see it wont tighten up with out it. even on a mavic wheel with a mavic spacer…