Thanks to Dan I checked out a shop called Southern Bearings in Abbotsford (Melbourne) last week.

They sell shitloads of tools and in amongst all the good stuff I found a 15mm combo ring/open-ended spanner that’s only about 4 inches long, perfect for carrying in a pocket. In case you’re wondering why this is good, 15mm is the size you need for track wheel nuts (unless you have White Industries or Phil hubs).

They only keep one or two in stock at a time but I rang them this morning and they’re happy to order more and they’ll get them within a day or two. They cost $6. And they’re even polished to a mirror finish.

So if you’re sick of carrying a huge spanner with you everywhere, check them out. If a few of you want one I can get them to order them in.

This has been a fixed community service announcement.

Yeah I want, I want. I am carrying round an adjustable spanner at the moment…

I live 200mt from that store - willing to take interstate / international orders :smiley:

Sounds perfect! I have been looking for something like that…

I’ll have one. Definately.

Do they do a 15 / 14 version?

Do they have fuckin p-i-m-pin 6mm Allen keys? :wink:

Thanks ever so much for the tip. I’d been contemplating taking to a cheapish 15 with some kind of saw-like implement, or otherwise shelling out for a Jethro Tule (!). But six bucks for a 4-inch combo spanner is a much better option!

Southern Bearings, 853, and threeOneSix present…

15mm combo spanners

$7 shipped. PM.