Sparkle Glitter Paint

Just wondering if anybody knows any frame painters other than Cecil Walker (Paconi), that does nice wetlook paint, not lookin for a powdercoat,

been looking around teh interwebs for a while cant find anything

Also, Ive Been through the search and thought it was time for a paint update anyway since a lot of the stuff i found was out of date, so if anybody has some secret contacts for frame painting that would be faaarkin awwwesome

sparkle paint is a bonus

Damian @ cog bike cafe. Mt Evelyn.


Thanks for the quick i have heard they do quite a good job, they are just that little bit too far away for me, will definitely keep them as an option though.

You might also try Matt at Kookie bikes ( or Fleming at bicycle recycle (some folks here don’t like Recycle but he knows his way around a spray gun).

Andy (TC) would have to know someone as well.

You means candys and most good custom paint places do them. Just don’t expect it to be cheap. Sometimes as much if not more than a good frame. Alternatively you can buy all the stuff you need and do it yourself.
Try Kookie take their frames there.

I know of a guy down in Melbourne that did one of my mates minitrucks. He does a lot of show bikes (choppers…) His name is Mat Egan, Very talented painter… does marbles and can no doubt does flake as well.

This is the showwheels truck I was talking about.

Thanks Heaps, good stuff, many calls to make now!

He did a great job on one of my frames.