SPD shoes

So I need some new shoes anyway and there are a few different pairs of spd-compatible shoes that I could probably get away with at work, such as Adidas El Moros and a few of the Shimano shoes

Can I wear them all day at work with cleats screwed into them or will I be clomping around like a dork…? I don’t mean those hard inflexible roadie shoes…I mean the rubbery sneakerish ones.

i wear shimano MT41 shoes for work.
8 hours of riding and running with no problems.
and on weekends i wear them at the shop for 6 hours of standing around.
find a set of shoes that fit right and you’ll have no problems.
i’m lucky that shimano shoes just fit me well.

one thing about el moros… the innersole slips around like a bitch with too much walking. also, standing in them for any length of time isn’t comfy. but i have bitchy feet.

Is changing shoes an option? I ride to uni in LG Ergogrip shoes, then change em to whatever I like, I just carry them around in my bag. I find they are ok for standing and sitting in, but for walking purposes the sole is too stiff and it feels very awkward.

I got some MT41s and pedals from cecil walker.

They seem plenty comfortable enough for standing around at work, not really hiking shoes or anything.

Clipping in is about a thousand times easier than using toe straps.