SPD's Fixed brakeless

So ive got some old pedals and shoes here and was gonna rock them instead of clips and straps for a longer ride this week,

but im not sure if i should put all of my trust in SPD’s…

Does/has anyone here ride/ridden on shimano SPD’s brakeless and whats your verdict?

i know people who ride spd’s 50 hours + in the snow

i used to ride spd’s for work but they started to piss me off after a while
its worth a try though

do it.

they rule.

i did it a lot back when i had spds. atacs ftw now

keep an eye on your cleats and pedals for wear and then charge!

riding clipless brakeless teachs you not to twist your ankles skidding too :wink:

word i’ll give it a crack, i was just a bit afraid of having them disengage for whatever reason.

So I guess i’ll just run the pedals with a fair bit of retention

and im also guessing some dbl sided pedals would be better than the single entry one i have lying around here

Put a brake on your bike and the problem is solved.

Relax Mum

I’m merely pointing out the obvious… :roll:

good on you Captain Obvious, keep fighting the good fight.

^Ha ha ha!!!

IMO I wouldn’t trust SPD’s on a brakeless setup.
They disengage way too easily. This is not a flaw in the pedals, it’s just that they are designed to be easy to clip in and out of easily. You are talking about MTB SPD’s I’m assuming.

I would on the other hand run SL-SPD’s brakeless no trouble, but they’re not as convenient I guess.

SPD’s are fine as long as you dont have them set up too loose.

Get the perfect tension in them too so that they aren’t too tight. You dont want to look like a goose falling over slowly at a set of traffic light trying to put your foot down or doing a trackstand. We have all been there. :roll:

Practice getting the tension right by leaning against a wall and clipping in and out using the opposite foot to the wall.

I’m currently running Xt spd’s and i’m swapping to Time Atac. I keep coming unclipped when skidding so Time it is.

SPDs will come unclipped if you pull up hard enough, even with the tension set high

So no you shouldn’t do it

(ps get a brake)

Or just get Time Atac’s… Brakeless is just so much more exciting.

yep, skidding or braking a fixed gear bike is way outside the capabilities of a pedal designed for mountainbiking. Just waaaaay to much load going through your ultra gnarly legs.

haha! the dude was right then too

Looks are by far the best for riding fixed brakeless. Although I have never had an issue with spd anyway. Except for one occasion where I clipped out under braking but it was no issue cause I just grabbed a handfull of front brake and nearly went over the bars instead.

Or you could do what omar does and run spd and throw your foot over the back wheel to stop.

huh? your flat,floppy, rubber,dog shit coated vans and toshi/yoshi/galli/double ended/resevoir tip mks /what ever are no match for japans finest hour of metallurgical triumph over gravity. i run some TINY spd-r shimmies,polished up good, high retention and new cleats(important.)
have also used 747’s and old as moses first fixie 535’s. I can skid 90 + GI wit these puppies.

sarcasm recognition fail itt