Speaker recommendation?

Ok I love my tunes as much or more than anyone and I’ve always had a great stereo. Unfortunately at this time in my life I need to consider family and neighbours before my hedonistic tendencies.
I’m looking for a good to great wall speaker…something maybe like those boss cubes? It needs to have enough bass as I won’t have a footstool bass thingy pumping in the corner…
I need 4 and they’ll ne driven by a Yamaha AX-396.
I’ve put heaps more through this amp so it’ll manage the job.

ps no surround sound recommendations please…this is just about small, great sound, up high and inconspicous speakers…that crank!!!

get anything from the eighties, [pioneer, kenwood, loewe, mesch, JBL]. always good.

^ that’s a bit generic isn’t it?
I’m looking for something small that I can hide up high on a wall etc

As you didn’t specify a budget, if I was in your shoes I would not go past Krix’ ‘Equinox’ or Redgum’s ‘Manna’. Both of these speakers would be quite happy without a subwoofer, but still rock your house party.

Why four though? Do you have a quadraphonic turntable and a copy of Tubular Bells?

^ thanks two level house

budget? $600-800 for 4

Try these.


I have been running them for a few years for my TV, music, PS3. They are awesome… super clear and out performed so many other speakers double the price. I think they were about 1k at Domayne.

I know you said no surround sound. But I have them set up so all the sound is coming from the front (only because of lack of mounting options).

^ I don’t have a surround amp

non of them are good, trust me if you want a good sound down mount speakers high up a wall


jb hifi has nice decent little bookshelf B&W’s had a pair i put in my salon and they pumped and for 4 will fall in your price range.

make some…google is your friend

Im sorry but you cant have small speakers and bass. There is no replacement for displacement.
Also I wouldn’t go near a small speaker/sub woofer combo in a million years. They have no mid range and thats where most of the magic happens.
I’d recommend hitting ebay or HiFiExchange or similar. Find a good 3 way 70’s speaker. The value for money in the second hand Hi Fi market is huge. You should be able to do very well for $800

If you had cash buy Nexo :smiley:

A little over budget but I’m a fan of the Monitor Audio

what about these (hope link works)
Scanya Micro pods SE

Look no further than Max Walker

Do you think he would show up for $600-$800, though?

Still looking…surel;y there is something middle of the range with a middle of the range sound?

Have a look in the <a href=“http://www.stereo.net.au/”>stereo.net.au</a> private classifieds forum – there’s generally some good bargains. There’s a guy selling a pair of Heybrook HB2s for $500, they seem to review reasonably well.

You’ll get much better sound if you buy fewer speakers with your money. You might think you need four speakers now, but if you buy two decent ones you’ll wonder why you ever thought more was best.