Specialized - AWOL... chasing the beardo dollar

Have a look, Specialized are chasing the Beardo, Adventuring, #campvibes, #goyonder types…

With a new frame platform called the AWOL, reynolds tubing, and disc/rack/fender mounts to blow your socks and SPD sandals off! Looks like it’ll replace the TriCross… so much head tube.

The tumblr

The Bike

Erik’s previous ‘Great Escape’ tumblr was really cool to follow, I’m guessing this one will be too, as it follow’s ‘E’ and his team-mate 'R’s journey along the 2013 Transcontinental Race.

Wow … they’re gonna do well from this one. I like the unpainted proto …

So much head tube, but I could see myself building one up on the cheap with a slammed -stem, flat/sweptback bars as a pub/commuter, since I’ve been missing my Pompino… kinda set up like this.

Love it, BUT no canti mounts,

Pretty much looks like a Kone Dew Deluxe, except this will get beardo/cool points because its not Kona.

So with this and spec’s Fat Bike they are really aiming for QBP - Salsa Vaya etc.

Needs moar fancy surface coatings (Ni PVD)

that is the ugliest effing bike i have ever seen.



PVD FTW [/engineerd]

Can you do that to any steel frame?

yeh let’s buy a camper bike but never actually go camping just look at Tumblrs of beardy pricks doing it on bicycles.


Actual lol, I’m about to build a pretty beardo bicycle and there is no doubt in my mind that it’ll never go camping.

i kinda like this mofo… kinda

Note the ‘Cobl Gobl R’ seatpost. Bit overkill given the frame is steel and you’re running super phat tyres.

Horatio, A beardo once said this ride is to plush, never.

But seriously I came close to puting a deposit down on a llewellyn rando over the weekend.

Anyone know what model those specialized tyres are?

Needing to satisfy my beardo curiosity i googled “specialized AWOL”
first hit is Orbea’s facebook page, nice one specialized :stuck_out_tongue:

its a steel specialized roubaix