Specialized Langster Pro 2014

Chucked this guy together this arvo.

Put a Titanium Flite on, wound in some 105 pedals and wrapped the bars with Cinelli Mash Volee tape.

Came geared with 48/15, Put a 19t on the other side for street use, dropouts have enough room to be able to ride to the track on the 19t with a spanner and just flip the wheel around to 15t for laps.

love’s a whipskid.

shit iPhone pic from instragram.

like it in all black

do like, something very ‘shiv’ about it.

being a happy owner of a langster myself I can only say NICE BIKE.

I love mine, the 2014 looks bloody good

That looks pretty bloody tuff.

Did it come with those wheels and what are they?
That’s the only down side of my American classics, they are single sided so I have to change gearing just to ride it around town.

Looks bloody good, love that tape too.

the silver graphic isn’t doing it for me, but by all accounts these are rad to ride.


^^ saw that coming :slight_smile:

Love that top tube!

After looking at so many road/cross/mtbsm, it looks a little weird with the straight steerer … kinda would have expected Spesh to have put a tapered on it by now, no?

That said I bet it’d be fun to ride. Nice one Sime.

Not many track bikes are running tapered for some reason?
Hoy even runs 1" on some of his bikes I think

1" for aero.

There are almost no carbon tapered track forks out there. Serenity BW have done them for a few years, prolite have one with an alloy steerer.

The lack of it isn’t really holding the likes of Perko back.

Same reason shimano/sugino/campy are still sticking with traditional BB setups. It works, (and there’s less ‘buy this years model with added ‘feature’’ going on in the track world.)

“DT Axis Track”
basically theyre just a generic sealed bearing wheelset without a brake surface and threading on boths sides of the hub. they seem ok, nothing to write home about though. the bike overall is friggen sweet. built a mini one up for a kid racer the other day. nearly stole it.

They are DT AXIS (DT’s in house entry level wheel brand) I’m assuming they are Novatec level hubs, 30mm(ish) deep alloy rim with a rounded profile, laced with DT Champs.

i like this alot

they wheelie/whipskidz sick!!!