Specialized Team Festina

I got this off my old man’s garage :wink:

Repaired some bits and pieces, and yeah its done, its my other bike than Leader now :cool:

Specialized Team Festina frame
Size M
Campagonolo components
Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheelset
Continental tyres
Wellgo pedals (off my Leader bike)

Holy fuck, that’s one hell of a find
also, foot retention plz

Great bike, looks in great nick too. Do something about the pedals bro

Yes, yes, yes! Geezus I love those specializeds! I think you may have my vote for BOTY so far… bloody fantastic to see it so original, maybe trade someone for the right age Ksyriums? The old black ones would look totally Kickass.

Fairly certain that it’s not eligible for BOTY as it’s not fixed, or even SS. This said, it’s a primo roadie and I’m pretty damn jealous. What does it weigh? Looks like it’d be pretty darn light!

Aero seattube, rear wheel cutout, short head tube. Looks more like an M4 TT frame to me.

It does look a bit TT. Needs risorz!

I reckon there is room for more than one category, and maybe category winners duke it out for grand champion?!

In a cage, with Carrera skinsuits and plenty of baked beans!

Thanks :slight_smile:

It has originally Look pedals on it, but then I cant be bothered to buy new shoes to fit in, sounds silly, but yeah I’ll get there. :slight_smile:

Any idea for the type of old black Ksyriums? sounds interesting…

TT indeed, buy some shoes-you’ll be so happy you did, looks freakin’ sweet but yeah maybe next time throw it up in the http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/t9801/

nice ride

wish my old man had stuff like this laying around

I imagine you had to bribe him?

I think there was only one ksyrium model when they first came out… black with silvery deals that were nearly impossible to read. I think the grammo guys might have taken a cue front it when they made theirs. Anyway, I don’t think there was an elite or SL or ks or anything else when they came out. Another option that would bring out the red on this bike would be some heliums.

here is what i was thinking (or close enough)… and for sale!
MAVIC Ksyrium SSC Road Wheelset Black/Silver Shimano | eBay

For those who are about to say “pity the bike is campy”, I knew a heap of people who swore by Campy and ran 7700 cassettes back in the day.