Specific tyre help needed (CX/Hybrid)

I need to find some tyres for my CX/Frankenbike
Clearances are a bit of an issue, and I know i can’t go anything bigger than a 700-30c (32’s rub the chainstays)
700-28c or 700-30c is what i’m going for.
Durable and with a bit of tread on them mainly for a bit of commuting, but also a fair amount of singletrack/mud/gravel/TWBD riding

I was looking at the Vittoria Rando City/Cross Hybrid, which comes in a 28, but haven’t had any luck tracking them down
Any other suggestions?


Wasn’t someone (moccos?) selling some rando cross tyres last week? (Edit: Yes, http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/t14527/ but 32mm and sold)

Did you measure actual width of your 32s, some tyres are over/under spec.

You could do a Mat Gray and cut them down to fit!

Double edit: Old thread, but some may still be in production: What's the narrowest cx tire? 700x25? - Bike Forums

Also consider a 30mm Schwalbe CX Pro

How about the regular randos that everyone busts out sick whip skids on? They’ve got enough tread, and would be pretty durable when not busting out said sick skids.

Or Schwalbe marathons - my marathon Plus 28’s are relatively wide and chunky, at lower pressures they’d probably be OK for some light, dry weather off-road

Cheers Blakey, the tyre size inconsistencies make it hard to judge exactly what will fit with the clearances I have but the Schwalbe CX pro in a 30 is looking like a solid option. The best part about is it is looking like a relatively tall tread profile with nothing protruding on the side…
I’ve also been considering this from continental in a 700-28c http://gear.ridemonkey.com/imgs/p_48796.jpg very similar to the Schwalbe marathons too, which are also an option

cheers fellas