Speedplay Pedals

Hey All,

Looking at the possibility of changing from keo to speedplays.

Anyone had any first hand experience of the change or any recommendations?


ask heatseeker

they are the best pedals you could buy. they work relly well. fully adjustable and the cleats last longer as the bottom has a steel plate.

They seem to be popular these days. I’ve always been a SPD-SL kind of guy which have a nice large platform. I wonder how the tiny little Speedplay circle feels?

you dont notice it as speedplay is almost like reversre; ie the cleat is the pedal, and the pedal is the cleat. its not like egg beaters were you almost snap ur ankle when the cleats are little loose.

Best pedals on the market. Full maintenance free (well I never maintain mine in ANY way), light and mega easy to use. You’ll never miss-clip in again.

If you can come to the Melbourne Wednesday night ride they’ll be on my bike and you can try them out.