Ben’s Cicli Spirito Porteur | The Radavist

Yep that bike is hot, great to catch up Ben and share some pizzas, drinks and yarns all the best with your new project and I will be watching very closely
Love ya work mate

that looks really nice. hot colour. badass looking model too.

Beautiful, some nice promo coverage for you too!

Nice bike, even nicer guy.


Perfectly proportioned… colours, components (those cranks!)… everything works so good.

The bell does it for me. DING!

Truly awesome guy and bike… Winning


Phwoar !!!

Reminds me how wet I got - twice !!

stays for dayysss

Very impressed uncle s

yeah Ben.

So much nice about that bike to like and that bell!

haven’t really given two hoots about the fetishization of bikes for ages. but, this is great.


and… if you had come on the grinder and WCP had built his in time we would have had an armada of smugness with 4(!) riders riding amazing made-by-them 650b machines.

But really, tell us more about this colouring in book.

beautiful. the bell is a nice touch (my mum would approve!).

so you built this frame yourself?

I dont normally like yellow bikes, but this, this i would ride (and smile a lot).

I’d love to have come on that ride but Mrs. Spirito would have killed me as this bike was only assembled early a.m. on friday morning leaving me with but a few hours sleep before the drive to Melbourne and no chance to take pics before it was scratched, dirty etc. She’s right of course … I’d spent a lot of time getting this together & it’d be a shame not to have shots of it before it’s trashed and lived in. So … job done I guess :slight_smile:

I built this for the roads in l’Eroica. It’s more or less like an old school Stumpjumper pretending to be a road bike. So I guess it is a gravel-grinder, rambler or an all rounder in that sense. Slack angles, long stays, forgiving but sturdy fork. Also has a slight upslope on the top tube to cater for old man’s back & being too sensitive about having spacers or a long stem extension (I’m vain). Problem is I live more or less in the City (far from gravel) so upon returning I had a bike not really suited for my day to day riding. With a little smoke & mirrors I set it up for some light duty Porteur work (bakery, post office, Ocello cheese shop etc). It’s OK in that guise but a true Porteur would need a longer front center (less toe overlap), steeper head angle plus a little more rake and 650b’s rather than 700c. Still. It’s fine for me as I know it’s limitations and it’s getting used. For the next rough road call-out the fenders will come off and the drop bars back on & I promise it’ll get patina’d within in inch of it’s life !!

Here’s pics of how it originally looked, unfinished steel blending with Tuscan mud. And another with Irio Tommasini (thanks Fyxo !!) giving it a critique - one of those pinch myself … is this happening moments. Smugger than Blakey

There’s lots of details that I’ll share when I figure out the interwebs but the biggest coup was working out how to improve the shortcomings of the Velo Orange rack. The parts are from all over & all different ages … I like mixing old & new. I’ve a lot of people to thank for their support & help & encouragement but the biggest props go to Kumo Keith as he helped with the braze-on’s when I was without gas & torch of my own & quickly losing momentum. That’s a brother right there !!!

Oh yeah … the tubing is a mix of everything (True Temper, Columbus & Reynolds) so I took a little creative license from the Colombo family especially as they stole my name. It’s perhaps childish but I giggle at riding something purpotedly built with Dope Knobium Tubi :wink:

Colouring Book? I found a Bill Murray colouring book at a shop called Designed In Brunswick on Lygon St and made by a local Melbz artist. Unfortunately I can’t find a link to the artist who did the book (below is similiar, but an overseas copy). Of course I inscribed it Bill Murray Meat Pie Motherfucker as Prolly would expect. Had to wait till he finished stuffing his face with gringo version taco’s & corn chips … if only it was a Pie !!!