Splined cogs n lock ring. Opinion

Yo, throwing around the idea of purchasing a pair Easton EC90 TKO Track Wheels. They come with a “splined” cog and lock ring not threaded. I’m not real concerned about gearing as the wheels come with the the cogs I would use but more concerned about strength and longevity? I WILL ride them on the street and I WILL skid them inevitably (not excessively). Anyone have any experience?

I could prob get a pair of zipp track wheels for the same money with threaded hub so should I just give em a miss or what. Yeah I know, not appropriate, be sensible blah, blah and Shoot…

Easton EC90 TKO Track Wheels fixed gear | eBay

Vs this
Zipp 404 Track Tubular Wheelset | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Campbelltown Area - Athelstone

OK and Vs this with a track hub rear rebuild

Well if you’re skidding you should probably go clincher not tubular.

Yeah I’m hearing you hey. I would only skid if I have to yeah, and you don’t HAVE to generally I find.

A mate of mine rode tubular, no brakes. He didn’t wear it out after six months but he barely got out to ride. He fitted a brake not too long ago to save the rear but now he’s running a rubber pad on a carbon rim. I’ve tried to convince him to stop riding until he gets the right pad but it’s too late for his Hed3.

Man that’s a shame. If I did put on a brake I would run swiss top yellows or alike. Don’t know if those easton’s even have a brake track by the look of it.

Would be a shame to see these used on the street, mainly because I wanted to buy them and use them on the track. That is until I realised it had the whole splined cog system.

Edit: running a brake on them might not be the best idea.

Yeah splined cog put me off, hence chasing the opinion. Yep on the brakes too.

I have seen many Miche splined track cogs become loose reasonably fast on brakeless fixed gear bikes that were used for street riding.

Could always buy them and swap the hub out with something that uses a normal cog/lockring.

yeah for sure but if I’m gonna go to the hassle I’d just get those Reynolds. OR just go the Zipps ya know. I like the whole matchy matchy thing with wheels.

Very good point. The Reynolds would be my pick of the bunch you mentioned.