Spoke Cards + Beer Coasters = Spoke Coaster???

Saw a guy on the ride home today on a Fixed Gear, from a distance it looked like a disc on the back, but, beside him at the lights on Oxley road at Corinda. Rear Wheel. Covered in Beer Coasters. XXXX. VB. Vic Bitter. Bondi Blonde. Asahi. Hoegaarden. Corona

Funny as hell. Wished I’d though of it.

I’m assuming you could put anything in your spokes…

Spoke-doms is in the works.

Duct Tape on the front wheel - Duct Tape Tri Spoke!

On the Apocalypse ride last night, there was a homemade disc wheel … cardboard taped to the spokes. The dude who made it wasn’t serious, it was a joke…

of course it didn’t sound too good.

or work too well.

But it looked cool!

Polo bike? Was it the front wheel?


Yeah, it was the front wheel.

No pics, I’ll try and hunt some down later this week.

Spoke cards should be earned with Alley Cat races - nothing else. The End

Just my opinion.

Skid comps? Hill climbs? no reason …

Skid comps? Hill climbs? no reason …

Ok, you’re just trying to wind me up and it ain’t going to work. Of course these are ok. I just think spoke cards need to be earned, not just put in cause say ‘Cranky Sunday’ goes for a ride to the cafe or whatever.

They should be an achievment, that’s all I’m saying.

For some people a ride to the cafe might be a huge achievement - and who are you to belittle the value of someone else’s achievements anyway?

If some guy puts a leaf in his rear wheel, and you see it - does that lower the value of your own spoke cards?

hahah :wink:

I can smell smoke
interwebz warz

somebody think of the children

If some guy puts a leaf in his rear wheel, and you see it - does that lower the value of your own spoke cards?

Yeh, I think so.

I thought the Cranky Sunday bit was the bit that would get the rise.

Oh well. you never can tell.

really dude, it’s a piece of laminated card.

that’s all…

Well you better not expect a nod now :wink: But seriously - why should you care what others do? Yo know what you have achieved, and celebrate that with your cards… What others do can never destroy that unless you make the decision yourself. So like you know… what-EVER!


To quote the new player

really dude, it’s a piece of laminated card.

These have history and there’s a meaning behind why it’s done.

The thing that really pisses me off is when people steal mine and roll with them.

Anyway, I’m falling into your trap and starting to enjoy this flame war a bit to much.

…but is it? Think of all the symbolism that the piece of laminated card represents. Pain, achievement, suffering and hard work. hahaha…

Very early on I decided not to put spoke cards on my bike, mainly because they brought too much attention. It’s even better now that I full front/rear mudguards, nobody on Brunswick/Chapel St’s even notice the bike. “Just another commuter” they probably think, and that’s fine with me.


Bullshit! Why would you do that??.. Some people would steal the white off your teeth, I swear to christ.