spoke length for my wheel build

Hey everyone,

Hope this hasn’t been covered and the sheldon brown spoke length calculator is giving me a headache…so maybe someone could help me out.

I’m looking to lace the below wheels:

Rim: h + son TB14
Hub: Superbe Pro High Flange Track Hub - 32 hole
lacing: Radial

Rim: h + son TB14
Hub: Superbe Pro High Flange Track Hub - 32 hole
lacing: 3X

Could someone please advise the spoke length i need! i’m guessing Shimano DA high-flange should have the same dimensions

Any help is appreciated!

cheers jon

Use this one: Spoke Length Calculator

Using an ERD of 612mm I’m getting 273mm front and 296 rear.

go 1mm longer, but never shorter. most nipples have about 3mm before the threaded bit so you have some room to play.

thanks for all the help! i hope this ones accurate!

i had a spoke length calculator that was an excel spreadsheet job a while ago and was awesome, had heaps of detail but i lost it, anyone know of it and got a link?


In my experience it’s better to do your own calcs and then you only have yourself to blame íf’it’s wrong

In my experience its better to go to a bike shop with spokecalc (or whatever its called) then if its wrong you can go back and ask them to give you the right size

^You haven’t been to Boggo Rd Bike Hub in Brisbane then have you??? :wink:

Seriously though, if you can’t measure the correct spoke length for the wheels you are about to build then don’t build the wheels.

I use two to three different online calcs and then use the average length. It’s not ‘Rocket Surgery’ folks.

yeah i might pop into commuter cycles with my hub and let the experts measure it for me…no point risking it.

i just thought some forumers may have built wheels with similar components.

Aaron’s 3 posts haven’t been very helpfull have they - sorry az, but what 3 site have you used? (yes, I’m being a grumpy old prick today)

When I did mine I got the LBS to do a calculation and also did my own calculation. It was reassuring that we both came to the same figure.

“Sheldon’s” was a link to Damon Rinard’s excel-based “Spocalc”. I still have a copy but it’s a bit fractious in later versions of Excel. PM me with an email address if you want it and I’ll hunt it up.

The DT-Swiss online calc (on the DT Swiss site) is pretty good.

I learned my lesson last time.