Spoke/Wheelbuilding Q

First time in organising a new wheel build…

I have a set of 32h, all city to Alex xc23 rims.

Since fashion has determined I need a CX bike with ‘hipster rims’, I want to switch the xc23’s over to H+SON Archetypes, which should theoretically work out cheaper than buying a wheelset new.

In order to facilitate a worthwhile saving, I want to see if I can reuse the spokes, and sorry if this is an incredibly stupid question… buuut:

Will the previous spokes work on a theoretically very similar rim? I don’t know how spoke length works in any great depth (I know calculators exist) but was wondering if someone could give insight in laymans terms.


If the internal diameter of the rims is the same (or within say 1mm) you’ll be golden.
Have a bit of a web search, you should be able to find the diameter of the two rims.

If the ERD is the same, and the lacing pattern is the same it will work ok. Check spokes / nipples for damage obv.

Alex XC23 ERD: 592
Archetype ERD: 595

Difference is 3mm for the diameter, so your spokes will be on the short side by 1.5mm.

If the current ones protrude out of the top of the nipple (i.e. fractionally too long) you might get away with it. Given the labour involved, I’d just get the right length spokes to begin with. If you’re not doing the build yourself you may find that the builder won’t reuse the spokes anyway.

Plus, if these are cheap factory wheels, they probably have cheap plain gauge spokes and machine build friendly nipples.

You could buy the JLNAPPROVED wheelset and skip all your troubles, and sell your old wheels to recoup some of the cost.


From what I can dig the ERD of the Archetype is 595 and the xc23 is 592, guessing that is a bit much.

Will probably just buy a factory built set then.

If I do go down the hand built option - what are some BLKYAPRVD spoke options?

Sapim CXRays :wink:

DT Comps are a good value butted spoke.

But talk to your wheelbuilder, let them decide based on your budget, weight, riding style and intended useage.

Stop right there.

A whole lot of time and money to appeal to cognoscenti. The HplsSon’s are nice rims but the Alex xc23 isn’t that bad imo, already 23mm wide and few would notice much difference when riding. Selling the wheels on won’t get you much $'s and the All City rear hub is already spaced for your 130mm rear and correct chainline. If you throw some $'s at nicer tyres it’ll get you a lot further for the $'s than either a rims swap or complete wheel change. Promise™.

Save the $‘s (ain’t broke, don’t need fixin’) - put it towards a Roadie :slight_smile:

Plus, I’ll even make a special “touched by Spirito” sticker so you can replace the Alex stickers and all the hipsters will go “ooh-ahh Cantona”. I was fashion before they were even born !!


Cheers Spirito, have had that exact though all day. (However, was kidding about the ‘hipster cred’ statement.

Will wait it out and put money towards soemthing else in the meantime. (And get some H + FUN/H + MUM, or similar) fake vinyl’s made for teh lulz.

H + shirt?..

false. H doesn’t wear shirts.

Lolz, would buy … I still can’t work out wtf is behind that name. Maybe the artist formerly known as prince was a financial backer or sumtin’


Now taking votes/suggestions for fake decals.

(Also need insight into the font used? Typographers?)



h + some?