Spoke wrenches / tools.

Is there various sizes of spoke wrenches? I have old front wheel I want to “experiment” on (eg. tightening the spokes, trueing). If I have any skills with this one, all the wheels I will be using it on will be road / track wheels, so I’m assuming there’s a standard size?

There are different sizes.

Just buy a crappy BBB one (or similar) and it will have all the sizes you need on it.

I think there are three most common sizes and you can cheap spoke keys that fit all sizes.

Just be careful you are using the right size or you can round off the spoke nipples quite easily.

Also, I’d avoid those triangular shaped ones (are the ythe BB ones?) because I’ve found them really uncomfortable to use. The Park ones are pretty good but they make separate ones in each size.

I guess you can just measure the spoke nipples you have and get that size key.

Calling BENDER!..

Marty’s has gone through a few spoke wrenches of late. Maybe he can enlighten us on which ones are good and which ones are bad. I think he said he wants to now get a set of Pedros wrenches now.

I’ve been using the Park ones but to get the whole set you need 6 keys (4 sided and 3sided) to do alloy and brass nipples so I’ve just ordered the Pedro’s keys like Gypo said. They’ve got the 4sided and 3sided head in the one key so it gives you a lot better grip on soft alloy nipples when you need it and ease of use when you need to quickly nip around the wheel. I build a few wheels though and I’m trying to get set up properly.

You do get what you pay for, the Park ones are a whole lot more ergonomic and less likely to round off the nipples. I’d just go and buy a multi size Park or Pedro one.

What i have.

What i ordered

What i think would be good if you just do your own wheels

Cyclus’s spoke wrench is my favourite of the lot. Four sided, strong, comfortable to use, and just generally good quality.

A little big for BMX wheels, but great for anything else.

i’ve got a circular key with 6 different sizes that has fitted all of my bike’s various spoke sizes. was about $10 possibly $5 from mitcham cycles.