"Spokeless" bike

Another silly design student exercise here

Hmmm…front wheel still has spokes…


finally. somewhere to put my “gyro balanced storage basket”.

Well at least they have made it and possibly sorted out some of the engineering issues, as opposed to the usual renderings that have a snow flake in hells chance of actually working.

ha ha this is stupid, check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZzI3tSQymw

That’s pretty funky man, bu i dn’t think i’d wanna ride it for too long. I like spokes. I trust them.

here’s something in the same realm.

have you checked out this guys website, he is a mad c. makes all kinds of shit!

Yeah im with you on that

Is there actually any real advantage in having a spokeless bike? I could only guess that it would be slightly more efficient, but I am just guessing. These concept designs shit me if all they’re doing is trying to make something that looks cool (like 90% of ‘concept cars’ but in this instance they failed).

someone beat them to it…pretty pictures and all


I doubt it’d be any more efficient, they’re reinventing the wheel after all. Unless spokeless wheels are a lot lighter or the drivetrain can be more effective than a normal setup at best it’ll only be good for when somebody tries to shove a stick in your spokes.

I think the key thing here is they actually built the damn thing.

No fancy rendered CAD drawing to show off their skills. But an actual rideable(?) bike.