#SPOOKYCX weekend.

Dirty Deeds Cyclocross: Sorcerers of death’s construction

Who’s coming down? Rides planned for Sunday / Monday?

Where’s the afterparty?

Picked a mate for the relay race?

Got a SSCX build for the title event?

Pre-Reg closes Thursday this week: DDCX: Round One, Sunday July 19th, 2015, rego on the night if there are spots left.

3 Ride permits will be available on the night

T-Shirts will be available on the night for collection if you preordered, and there will be some for sale too.

Dave Morgan has been busily creating scary props.


what time for vollies? is there a ‘no gear’ race??

balance bikes don’t have gears.

vols: email ddcx dot volunteers at gmail dot com

I will be coming straight to the velodrome on the Saturday when I get in. Also might see about bringing some fresh homebrew down with me, I just need somebody to bring an esky that I can put them in.

Afterparty, hell yes!

I heard that there is this other semi-pro Brisbane rider making a trip down as well, might see if he wants to partner up.

I’ve got a SS sitting at my folks place that I will be riding, it’s temperamental as hell, but fun to ride.

^ Shit, I didn’t know you were coming down! I was going to bring a couple of bottles of home brew for Beaker - looks like I’ll be bringing a few more for swapsies.

on it.

Hey if I can’t make it on Saturday as I have fucked my back again, can someone drop my T-Shirt at Rays AvantiPlus in Preston??

you knew i was coming down though right? just a sixer should do me. will pay in high fives.

sweet, thanks man!!

Sorry man, it’s beer not whisky.

i’ll make an exception this time…

i’ve left my esky in franga on car duties. :frowning:

someone else will need to step up this event.

I’m getting in Thurs night,
Keen for Friday ride, might race coburg sat or just ride out and watch then spooky sat arvo,
Then ride sun morn then fly out sun arvo,
Oh and it’s my wedding anniversary sat, lucky I have a rad wife.

reckon i could roll up to the crits on saturday morning, haven’t been up to watch in a while…

come up, I’m gonna be pretty shady from the night before, and will need people to keep me out the wind on the ride up :slight_smile:


you callin me fat veekin?

Oh man, this Saturday is gonna be awesome. Now I wish I had more homebrews to share!

I’ll be racing Coburg on Saturday morning too. Bring on the FOA train.


*HCC crit rules apply.

Sat Coburg crit crew sounds like a fun roll.

I hope everyone is actually dressing up for the race, there should be a no costume no race policy (for SpookyCX, not Coburg Crits)

haha, more referring to my hung overness I will be carrying. And I’m sure I am heavier than you!