SPOTTED: Who is this?

Melbourne Trip 2010 on Vimeo

watch - [0:25] Who is this?

This is not my video, just stumbled across it from another one of his videos.

haha i jokingly said “maybe it’s me”…

the group shot is the WNR (i can see blakey and chuz) at fed square and the blue bike is mine. looks like HMC’s gold bike is there too, and i reckon it’s gene’s back in the white t-shirt.

who’s on the red rih sport?

I could be wrong - but it looks like Blakey, talking to Jez, Gene sitting down (maybe) Then HMC and possibly me. And that looks like Rolly’s blue hillman.

EDIT: yep, what Rolly said.

0:23: Wed Fix
0:25: Rolly’s “Hillman” and LAM’s ?? RIH.

I don’t know who’s RIH Sport that is but I know I saw it in Flinders Lane ages ago and proceeded to take a photo of it.


not my rih, definitely the flinders lane lurker.

Ben barber there as well

I think they showed up to the ride start but didn’t come along.

I recognise a a couple of their faces though…

I am famous now.

Not enough skids. What the hell