Spotters needed

Hi All

I had my fixie stolen from the front of my house in Ainslie over the weekend and would be very grateful for any help leading to its recovery. Details of the frame andcomponents are below. Stolen

Fixed gear road bike:
Ballistic branded Reynolds 853 steel frame (dark green colour)
Rear wheel: Italian (Brevia) 1950s- 1960 40-spoke high flange track hub with silver Velocity Dyad rim.
Front wheel: Campagnolo Athena 36 spoke hub with Mavic Open 4CD rim.
Chrome moly front forks with Shimano V-brakes, no rear brake.
Saddle: Brooks Team Pro Copper.
Ultegra cranks (the older style).
Handle bars are cut off road bars and flipped with blue tape.

Unfortunately I don’t have any decent photos
Please contact Chris on 0409 747610 if you have any information on its whereabouts.


chicken legs

An amber reward if offered for recovery