Spray painting tips

Have just read up on a huge article about spray painting etc etc and i know theyres other threads on it but wanted to compile almost a list of reccomendations and tips for anyone wanting to undertake a proper project. I amm currently scraping back my frame and due to it being carboner i cant powder coat it (obviuosly). So far from my research the best tips ive found are as folows;

*applyn 3-4 coats of the appropriate primer, sanding between each, and using a grease/wax stripper to remove finger prints etc (helps paint stick better??)

*Allways test paing on another surface before spraying to get consistancy of the gun correct. this will stop a spluterred affect.

*a good way to make a spray booth is too use plastic drop sheets all around and remove all dust from the area before hand as it will stick to paint. use a bright torch to shine around in the area before hand to check how much dust is in the air before you paint

*allways apply very thin coats and over-allow for drying time between each as this will make sur the paint is properly set

*paint in summer, not winter if youre just in the garage or else heat the place up some how as the heat helps bake the paint on and remove as much moisture from the air as possible to allopw quicker drying

*ALWAYS USE QUALITY MATERIALS (its been drummed in)

*get ur mixing consistancy’s spot on, not just roughly correct as this will affect paint qaulity

*use green (paint spec.) masking tape for masking over painted areas.

if any1 else would care to add would be fantastic before i start my project.

Cheers guys

these pages may help



all i can say from experience is be patient when doing the coats. i got impatient and it showed :stuck_out_tongue:

the summer bit is true, power bill went through the roof

and definitely lay drop sheets. i forgot until it was too late…tools still have a red tinge to them

sounds like youve got everything down

cant wait to see it

If you’re in a garage or something similar, spray a mist of water about prior to painting. It’ll catch any dust and remove it from the air.

Blow the paint past the area you’re painting. It’ll reduce the chance of runs in the paint.

While we are at it how important is primer.
I’ve painted a few frames with great results but I’ve always used primer.
I’m digging the look of the frame I’ve just stripped to bare metal and I want to paint a clear coat right on to the raw metal.
Any problems with doing this?

there i a special formulation spray paint for painting clear on metal, not sure what it’s called. the normal clears can yellow or cloud up. it’s probably best to test it out on a fork or something.

in general hints, tack clothes are pretty great, good lighting is really important. sanding between all coats works well, not just the primer coat. particularly wet sanding. clear gloss over the top adds a bit of depth, makes it look more professional.

Spend the money for a powder coat. It’ll cost 3 times as much as stripping and painting yourself. But will look 10 times not as shit as a spray can job.

I reckon car paint looks way better than powdercoat…but powdercoat for durability!!!

Yeah but…

I like doing it myself.

(I may have left myself open to masturbation jokes there but… I can handle it)

(Shit, I did it again)

na bro powder coat is cheap as shit. i can ghet frames blasted and coated for about $60 bucks, but the frame is carbon (which i think i said??) so its not an option. cheers anyway

Primer is very important in my books. Specially if you’re using jam to paint with and not 2pac.

I just painted a Surly Steamroller and it had a coat of grey primer, then I black lined it to sand out any high spots, (there weren’t any), then on went 3 coats of Gun Metal Grey the Blue Clear and 3 coats of clear. Each coat had a wet&dry rub and Mothers Car polish finished the job. It had a wicked shine.

Shit advice.

60 beans! Shazam. Where are you getting that done?

Sydney??? in Sydney they charger $40 for blasting and $60 for coating.

na in melbourne not sydney sorry

Yeah so where in melb.

has anyone had any experience with getting a frame painted by panel beaters?
I live on the same street as one and just asked the owner if they’d chuck my frame in with the cars and he said they’d do it for free (i said id strip it).

without getting it sandblasted, how should i strip it? i have some wirebrushes, will they be sufficient? and do i need to bring it primed or anything?

drill, wire wheel attachment, and half an hour. wear safety glasses, because they shoot out little metal wires at speed. otherwise, paint stripper and then wire wheel works as well.

As for priming the frame i suggest you talk to whoever will be painting it as some paints react with others. For example if you were to prime it using a rattle can and they spray it with acrylic automotive paint the solvents used will practically fry the primer you have used.

actually i’d add that paint stripper seemed to make more of a mess then a help, i wouldn’t bother with it, unless the frame is a delicate vintage frame, the wire wheel can be a little abrasive on softer metals like cast lugs.

unfortunately my drill is sitting 800kms away, but the wire brush seems to be ok - just a bit more elbow grease.

frame(s) was free (side of the road) so im not too concerned about it. not looking to spend too much on it since free repco frame + free car paint = …pretty good value for something that might not end up looking too bad.

i saw someone mentioned car paint has crap strength. how bad is bad? would clear coating over the top help or just ruin it?