Sprayers in Melbourne

Just wondering if anyone could suggest some bike strippers and sprayers in Melbourne?
Preferably north side :slight_smile:


I’m also looking at repainting a bike,
I know it’s been covered but a few are no longer in business.
There’s sun graphics but I don’t know of any others.
This should also be in the help section I would say.

Also interested.

Gripsport are another; Services | GripSport

Dropped a frame(no fork) off today to these guys The Blast Factory | Blast Cleaning Specialists Melbourne who will then take it around to Coburg powder coaters when done. coburg podwer coaters - Google Search

Got a feeling these are the people that Commuter use? Both say they do a lot of bike frames.
Blasting is gonna be $50 but unsure of paint? $100 maybe? Frame is geared disc with sliding drop outs so has a few ares to mask, not sure if this effects price?
They both close on Friday and reopen around the 13th i think.
Can post results when i get it back if you want?

soda blasting > sand/bead blasting. Removes the paint but is less abrasive.

I had a frame + some other bits & pieces powdercoated for a cheap price from some joint in Thomastown. But I dunno If I’d recommend them. The sandblasting was the expensive process. Off the top of my head it was $50 to sandblast + $25 to powdercoat the frame. Dropped it off to the sandblasters, and they took it down to the powdercoaters for me. There was still sand inside the frame, a couple of areas weren’t coated properly because of it, and areas I asked to be masked off were not.

So If you wanted a cheap frame done, and made sure the frame was properly prepped, it could be an option.