sprayin ya frame in the can

so first up. long time no speaks for me. Main reason for this has been the man getting me down. apologies. I do look forward to getting out for a ride and drink soon, specially before the cold snap comes.

secondsies, i am sure that this has been done to death already, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to get all the old threads, if this is possible at all.

But basically, i want to spray a frame. can someone recommend this in canberra? info, experiences and prices. Is there not some rough as guts bloke out in quangers that does it for cheap? anywhere else?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome back,
Depends, do you want to get your frame powdercoated, or painted with some sort of automotive paint?
If powdercoating then Canfab in Fyshwick is pretty good,
If you want the paint option maybe talk to Ed or Liam, they both had their frames painted recently