Spring Classic to the 'Gong

Lets get this out of the Breakfast Ride thread.

I’m suggesting 21 November, a couple of weeks after the other 'Gong ride, still Spring, and with a bit of time for people to commit and sort out their schedules.

I’m going to counter that with 14th of November. I’ve got weddings out of town on the following 2 weekends, so any Sunday other than the 21st and 28th are doable for me. But don’t let it hang on me.

I cant do Sundays saterday only…

how about the 13th on nov than i you can’t do sunday zac and jono you are out the to weekend after that.

13th would suit me.

the 13th woluld aslo suit me, and it can be an exter long sat moring ride as well.

No deal for the 21st, will still be BLIND from my 30th, on the 19th… hang on, let me see if I can get some more dates in here… So yes, good for the 13/14th! Ya.

13th is good for me too at the moment.

I’m saying 13th, but can’t 100% commit at this stage. Keen though.

I’m out for the 13th, racing the Highland Fling on the 14th, but that’s ok.

13th would suit me also. Friday the 12th is my 27th birthday and I’m planning on having a big one on the 13th (and as such, so should you all too!) So Sunday the 14th will be a write-off for me and anyone else that wants to come celebrate!

almost a consensus then. count me in.

no gear alex… very brave…

I’ve said it before. Road bikes are overrated.*

there are a few very fast descents free wheel would be ok but fully fixed… ask nath wouldn’t be too much fun…

Yeah, was like descending on an underpowered motorcycle.

I’ll be on the geared bike, but you wont have any problems riding fixed Alex.

any chance of moving his too the 6th i can 't get the 13th off work…??

13th I’ll be camping at Coledale, the beach just past the Scarlborough Hotel. Perhaps a BBQ could happen or something

13th is good for me. I am keen to ride back, should be around 170km return, about 6 to 8 hours of riding time.

I however, am not so keen to ride back! lol

Remember, there will be a piss up that night for my birthday! :slight_smile: