SPRINTS and the revolution

This is the first event + launch for Le Pista Resistance.
Sprint competition running heats and finals.

Check out our website:
and keep your eye on it for updates on whats going on in sydney.

workin up a black sweat!

hel yeah, nice flyer, i think i’d better find myself a sprinting ratio!

^ me too. so down for this.

i’d like to take a small amount of credit for the name, although my suggestion was along the lines of “the bike races formally known as sprints”.

i guess you’re saving “sprints of tides” for a special occasion…

see youse there!

yo, i should there. Who handed me a flier and spoke card at the front of Carhartt? i said i met you at polo - but i never caught your name! I was the one riding the orange fixie.


That was me. My name be Lewis.
Nice to meet you sir.

You should come out on Wednesday night for a ride, else see you saturday?!

i should be there…but 40-17 aint gonna be much good…

Nice to meet the man they call lewis. :smiley:

Can’t make tonight’s ride (probably currently running at this present time) didn’t end up getting out :oops:. Shall see you Saturday though.

hows it go? “spinners are winners”? Im on 38s with 45:20 I feel like i lug around like a heavy truck. :mrgreen:

Holy crap! Thats tiny! and 38’s?!!

The ratio might not be too bad for this course though.

Doesnt beat my polo ratio! :stuck_out_tongue:


the details of the course may be a secret, but i think lewis is on to something - you might not need as high a gear as you’d think… i was going to crank up my ratio to like 80 something gear inches but now that i think about it that’d just be silly.

huey - or anyone really - i have a few spare sprockets if you want to borrow one. 14, 15, 16, 17t. all old and a bit worn but they do the job.

yeh… i was running 45:17 but i swapped with Veedub.

Im running Disc cogs :evil:… so thanks for the offer electic_tomato, but my screw on cogs are over :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait now… i’ll just ride with what i’ve got - it’ll be lots of fun either way!

what are disc cogs?

i’ve got some funny Miche cogs that pop onto an adaptor, ie: the adaptor screws on instead of the cog. I don’t quite get the point but i guess they’re quicker to change.

Im gonna be running 52- 12. cya there.

At least you can skid without effort now, dude you are running a truck tires man.

Disc Cog is awesome…!!! Love them…and they never stripe.

If I get my fork back from Peter Bundy, I will come to the ride on sat.

i’m about to buy some sugino messenger cranks/chainring. the description on ben’s cycles says i have to use a 103mm bottom bracket.

and it says it’s for a 45mm chainline. excuse my ignorance…but can anyone help me out as to what a 45mm chainline is? i have no idea.

Dont quote me on this, but i’m pretty sure a 45mm chainline is what most track hubs will have, so what its saying is that with a 103mm BB, that crankset and a normal track hub, you will have a straight chainline.

open to correction on this, i’ve never measured a chainline in my life…

so as long as i’ve got the 103mm bb i should be ok ya reckon?

Actually, standard track hubs use a 42 mm chainline. Chainline is a measurement from the cog teeth to the centre of the hub. To get a straight chain, you’ll need to ensure that the distance from the chainring to the centre of the seat tube is 42 mm as well. I have no experience with sugino messenger cranks so i can’t help with the BB spindle length you need.


From ur seatube to the middle of the chainring yeild 45mm…hence ur chainline is 45mm.

And your hub is highly likely be 41.5 to 42mm chainline.

Ah, 42mm. sweet. like i said, never measured a chain line in my life…