Sprocket and Gear Ratio

Im sure this has been answered millions of time, but im not sure whether it’s the same when building a trick bike so any help is much appreciated!!

I am about to order a profile no boss crank and s profile sprocket, but i can’t decide what size. I see a 33t and 13t cog is pretty common, but this bike is gonna be my only bike, is a 42t and say 17t cog gonna be a better all round ratio??
thank you very much!!

Most people will say to go around 70 gear inches for all round, but most trick bikes are really spinny, so try to find something in the middle.
Or buy another bike.
If you don’t just buy another bike, use this chart (CHART) pick something, and use it. Then decide if you like spinning or not.
It’s all a personal preference, so just try them.
Try to get an odd numbered chainring though, should help you if you decide to skid.

for tricks, i would say something like 46/19. that tiny. its good for tricks, but your not going to be able to coast down to many big hills.

The smaller the front the better it helps with clearance. There’s a good iPhone app for gear inches if you have one otherwise there’s some online.

42/17 is lighter than 33/13…

if yours is an all round bike, go a bit higher than 33/13…
i used to ride 39/16 on my trick bike and i found that real nice for tricks and general riding

You have one gear therefore it has to be a compromise. Each compromise is unique.
The Questions you need to answer for yourself.
How strong you are. How steep and how many are the hills. The type of riding you want to do . How much riding you want to do.
The best thing is to ride other bikes or a roadie and keep it in one gear to get the feel f what you need.
My two cents is once you work that out pick a ratio a little higher than you feel comfortable with because if you will get stronger quickly. If you are seriously tricking they tell me that a smaller chainring is good for clearance .

Anywhere from 60 -70 gear inches allows you to ride it all day, everyday.
Try 36/14 and if you’ve got a flip flop hub stick a 15 on the other side.
Cogs are quicker to change than chainrings if you’ve got the right tools and also cheaper.
I tried 25/12 and was way to spinny and noisy.
Currently on 43/17 and going to the above 36/14-15 combo on the new wheels shortly.

thanks for all the reply, i think i am gonna stick with 36/14 or 15. I am about to move to melbourne from brisbane in a month or two so hopefully there’s less hill to climb!

Check out Saint Cloud when you arrive then come ride with us!

that’s the plan!! hope to meet and learn from all of you!

I used to ride 40/17 then started doing group rides and died on the flats and had no chance on the hills
so now i ride 40/15 which is awesome
can still do all the tricks everything just has to be a little faster

get a 36 chain ring then run 17 for tricks and 15 if you wanna go faster. Gives you a ₪₪₪₪load of skid patches, and micro gearing.