Squeaky BB - weird

OK - searched the forum but no answers on this one: after a long ride, the bottom bracket squeaks in one spot with enough friction to stop the drivetrain rolling at slow speed - wheel off the ground. Never happens on short rides. Next day, all is fine. T.H.C., 68 x 103mm in Surly Steamroller. :?

Strange :?
Does the chain become tight in the same spot it stops?
Take the chain off and spin the cranks next time it happens to isolate the problem and keep diagnosing from there.

type of bb?

Thanks Bender - good advice. 'Bout to hit the road for an hour or so, so I’ll try that. Chain is pretty much even running right through.

Chug-A-Lug - BB type? Not sure - standard kit with a complete Steamroller.

It’s a cartridge type. Thanks Sheldon Brown!

crank tight?

It’s a crap bb we use to routinely replace them on steamrollers and other bike they came on. On other topic does anyone know of a good replacement italian bb of around 103 that is a sealed unit (Sq taper jso) it’s going to be a daily ride and I can’t be arsed repacking a bb every few months.

did you mean JIS or ISO?
ISO you should be able to get a MICHE in a 107mm, it has an adjustable chainline though, so you should be able to get it pretty straight.
Or else you can get a campy chorus bb in a 102mm.

JIS youd probably have to settle for 107mm. Shimano make em.

Either way you should be able to get it sorted for under $50. Except for the campy,


very nice but you need to get the BB with the spindle length you seed then a pair of cups and a phil BB tool…

best case with a no postage deal is $168.50 US from http://www.aspirevelotech.com

nice but…

Righty-o: long ride = chain warms up + ‘dry lube’ (oxymoronic product) chain squeaks in one spot. Answer: I wouldn’t have sex with dry lube so it’s not good enough to be on my chain either :smiley: Thanks to Rock ‘n’ Roll chain lube and Pete from BMC2.

As for the Surly BB, I had a similar problem with mine, it squeaked and slowed me down after getting wet, change it for a Shimano one, probably around $30, had no problems since.

ok I meant jis i.e not campy, miche etc I would grab a shimano one it’s for a shimano 600 crank but they don’t make them anymore the smallest they go is 110 now unless there is os or nos stock floating around