Hi all,

Here are some pics of my first fixie. Called it squiggle due to the paint job.

Frame: Hard rubbish path racer rattle canned chalkboard green
Fork: Pake, FSA orbit II headset
Stem / bars: Something / old MTB risers, soma grips
Front brake: 105 caliper, old BMX lever
Wheels: Velocity rims and hubs, white zaffiro’s
Drive train: Cranks: Surly ring and cog 46/17, eBay white chain, MKS pedals, soma clips and straps.

Think one day I’ll strip and polish the forks, would mean I’d have to stop riding it though.

Catch you all on a ride someday and ta for the ace site.


Nice. Close-up pics of the paint please :slight_smile:

Good looking build. :slight_smile:

Glad the forks worked out. Looking good J.

man nice bike, except for the front forks, don’t go as well…
should have gone the chrome…

but nice bike :sunglasses:

Hi all thanks for the kind remarks.

Grumbles cheers for the forks, love em and Jakob agreed re: color. Here’s a couple of pics of the paint closer up and the crack I found today :frowning: Bummed but something new will no doubt fix that.