SRAM apex or rival?

hey kids,
I’m slowly getting closer to biting the bullet and buying a modern groupset. I’ve currently got my eye on either sram apex or rival. It’ll be going on my merckx corsa, replacing the campy victory that i’m currently running (ugh, index shifting.).

just wondering if anyone with experience of these groups could pop up with some advice or something.

Both meant to be really good bang for buck. Apex is slightly cheaper, has alloy levers (Rival are crabon) and the RD on the Apex can handle 30+ tooth cassettes which is pretty awesome if you live somewhere hilly.

Depending on where you can buy from you can also mix and match.

If you don’t want lower than a 30-28 (compact crankset), Rival short cage will work, if you want to do serious climbing (30-32) you need the Apex rear mech or Rival med cage mech. Any wider and you’re out of luck.

I run a mixed Rival/Apex group on my wet weather all roader and it’s great.

Get the braze on front mech and a clamp on adaptor, your ST is probably too small for the smallest clamp on mech.

Or go to LBS and grab a shim usually for free.

Sure, if you’re purchasing the group from them or they’re doing the build.

Shims can also be found on recent Shimano 9sp mechs used on Surly steel frames (or similar non O/S steel)

and while you’re at it, maybe ask for cables, bartape, and even a spare tube… for free. It’s not like they need to pay to keep the lights on and the door open or anything.

But on a serious note, I’ve been riding Rival with Force cranks on my CAAD9 and have loved it.
If you’re a bit more budget conscious and like Blakey said, wanting to achieve a larger gear range, then Apex is fantastic. I’ve built a few bikes with Apex and was suprised with how good it was. The new white colour scheme looks great too, definately a great bang for your buck groupset, I expect to see a few CX bikes coming stock with it for 2012.
With Apex available now, there is basically no reason why Tiagra should be sold. Apex smashes it.

Here we go…
I’m just sayin it happened to me… at BSC no less. :slight_smile:

was your shirt on? :wink:

I get loads of shit for free.
Because I buy everything from the LBS.

I built my wifes roadie with a Rival group. Works just as good as bikes with Force & Red I’ve built.
I had a spare set of carbon Force cranks I fitted to it instead of the alloy ones. Has carbon levers,
where as the Apex doesent, plus the Apex is more for a mountain goat wanting granny gearing.

There’s more and more new models appearing with Apex as stock.

Cheers everyone for the input.
I might just buy piece by piece and mix and match some apex and rival stuff.
Thankfully I’ve got a braze on mount for the fd, so that clears up any problems there.

for the extra $160 itll cost, just get the rival, i reckon it’s much nicer stuff.

failing that get 105.

I’ve got full Rival on my roadie, the only thing I might suggest is buying the Force RD (if you are mixing and matching), as the rival is predominantly plastic - not that i’ve had any problems with it, just doesn’t seem quite right. Quite a price jump, but it might last longer?