SRAM Flat Bar Roadie Help

On my road bike I have SRAM Red/Force mixed group and I was thinking of making it more of an urban monster and flat bar it.
I have a set of X9 MTB shifters and was wanting to know if they will be compatible with the force real derailleur?
From my research they are both 1:1 and I have read that SRAM Road Brifters will work with SRAM 10 Speed rear MTB derailleurs.
However will it work the other way around??
I really don’t want to pull it apart for it to be drifting up shit creek.
I can’t imagine too may problems but not much info out there.

Has anyone seen/tired/succeeded in this??

I’m sure some of the CX guys should have some opinions…



I have x0 shifters and a force rd on my commuter, and it works fine…can’t see why the x9 shifters won’t work…

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If tl:dr it says you can do it

yep i run x5 shifters with a force rear d

Cheers, time to get the cable cutters out.