SRAM GX 11spd MTB groupset


Looks good. But I’m not expert.

Price point at CRC is $553 which seems pretty darn good value.
Cross compatible with XX1, X01 and X1.


Don’t know enough about it as it’s not been out for long enough for me to have seen it in action.

Definitely into it, and that price point is just perf.

The GX ‘full pin’ cassette looks quite cheap, and the number of rivets is worrying. Having said that the weight of 394g is actually better than the XT M8000 11-42T.
The cranks too look nasty.

wonder how this stacks up to xt 8000, price point is pretty similar?

Shimano just works

Yeah I would rate the new XT way over this and similar price on CRC.

Been on GX1 for 3 months now, and its ‘fine’.

‘Fine’ to me means I don’t think about it ever…on my bikepacking beast.