SRAM news

There is a moody video


And this

SRAM Red Groupset 2013

and a pic of lance with what must be proto shifters on it!

sram is like the holden cruze of groupsets

So true.

I do like the fact they know they can’t compete in the electronic realm, so they are instead pushing the boundaries of weight with mechanical. I respect that.

Man they like the bold, garish graphics though!

I’m a bit confused with the hydraulic component- so they won’t be a hydraulic STI option?

i would like to know what is so wrong with efficiently moving the family and the dog to holiday destinations with lots of leg space and beach umbrella room.

there are much nicer, and better equipped, cars out there.

might cost more, but what’s a bit of cash when you’re out there looking flash.

The cruze is just a new camira.

I thought it was a gemini

they are not built with passion and they have no soul but they do have space for all the my family decals you wish to display

exactly, you can’t fit any decals in a car built with italian passion, because all the available room is taken up by the dremels needed when it inevitably breaks down just a short walk from the nearest village in the tuscan countryside, who’s mechanic hasn’t seen a motor vehicle since 1948.

are we the same person?

I really want HMC and alexb618 to meet and bro down

god imagine how boring that would be

see a bike with sram :
‘no soul’
‘yeah no passion’

see a holden cruze :
‘my family stickers’
‘yeah good stickers’

see an elderly italian man
‘yep a passionate person’

Sneak Peek! All New SRAM Red Group! - Bike Rumor

As with all first meetings IRL from people you know on the internet, it would as first be awkward, then awesome. We might even high five once or twice.

But, on topic, I quite like what Sram are doing: ie. pushing for innovation with what they have, rather than always pushing for the next gear, electronic, etc, etc.

i dunno, when i 1st met zoltan i was pretty excited and he did an absolutely enormous skid on his NJS bike at my request, can never really top that so every subsequent rendezvous has been a bit of a let down

ill never forget that 1st skid… so seductive

When I met spirito, I saw this bike walking past me, and I was ddrunk, and I stopped and said, ‘Ben?’ an he was like ‘hey dylan’ and offered his hand, which I pushed aside to hug him. Felt good man. Spizzy hugz

Also the 3rd time I met sime I introduced myself to him cos I didn’t recognize who he was. I may also have been drunk.

who did the logo for mellow johnny’s? i fucking hate the typeface that ‘Mellow’ is written in.

i think the word you’re looking for, horatio, is ‘modern’. it goes perfectly with with the logos on wheelsets, downtubes, etc on modern bikes

In other words, looks good today but will date incredibly quickly?

the graphic design on bikes haasn’t changed much in the last ten years. future classic i’d say.
especially considering that comic sans will be the only font used for absolutely everything in another ten years