SRAM XX1 Prototype 1x11

SRAM XX1 Drivetrain - First Look - Pinkbike

What do you guys make of this?

… I’m not so sure another speed is the answer for off-road (racing notwhithstanding). Still the profiling on the chainring is pretty nuts/cool.


So SRAM say they are not coming out with 11 speed road, but release this?
From the description it seems to be designed for a very niche mtb rider. Will they sell many?
Or is it simply SRAM seeing many folks running 1x9 or 1x10 and thinking “let’s try and make some money out of these people” ie extremely proprietary closed “system” that only works together. Fuck you SRAM

“We’re not here to change standards, we’re here to innovate.”

  • Tyler Morland, MTB PR Manager



Prototyped. Not released… until 2013 I guess.

Probably sell quite a few. It is XX - which comes in at the top of the market… Doctors, Dentists, etc.

Old mate was talking about this a while back when i picked some wheels up from him. from what he said its not so much aimed at the dentist market as the serious racer.

there were some good sounding reasons but i forget them…

It’s all speculation on tooth count right now, but the idea as I understand it is to get a 1x11 setup that has a similar gear range to 2x10.

This removes issues involved with front shifting, and taking away the front mech also makes life easier for some suspension designs.

Wouldn’t a 42T cassette weigh possibly more than having an extra chainring?

Reading the comments in that piece, lots of guys seem to be running one chainring already, so it’s not anything new.

No, I doubt it. XX cassettes weigh bugger all even for 36T, can’t see that being an issue. But weight isn’t a driving force for 1-x ‘progression’. Issues which Blakey points out in the post above, namely suicide front shifting would be illiminated. But its main appeal will be to racers wanting smaller gaps between gears. Trail riders will be just as well, if not better, served by their current 1x9 or 1x10 setup IMHO.

EDIT: the only thing that really sets it apart from 1x10 designs is the ‘barbed’ profiling on the chainring. Interested to see if this will be effective in reducing chain offs.

Nikcee, It may be a race oriented progression - as I nod to in the OP - but the doctors/dentists will be the ones bankrolling it… Same goes with anything new, eh?! :wink:

The irony of this is 1x9 1x10 is meant to be all about low cost and simplicity. SRAM XX1 is the complete antithesis to that.

Agreed. So you could adapt the barbed chainring idea to 1x9 or 1x10 and get 99% of the functionality, with a slight reduction in gear range. That’s probably why they went 11-speed so that there is no way in hell it is backwards compatible! Evil corporations…


I really don’t think that cost is a driving force in 1x9/10 drivechains, nor is it, for that matter for 1/2 of the SS market. Most of the people I know running SS are riding bikes that cost alot more than my 2x9 Jamis Dragon (mind you they are 4kgs lighter).

I miss 8 speed.

I’m waiting for slinky to chime in. I believe he will have something to contribute here.

I also think that this will quickly trickle down to lower groups than XX over the next few years.

This would be good news for Carbon Giant XTC 29er owners, apparently there are issues with the chain dropping from the front chainring.

To be honest, I like the idea of 1 x anything, most of my MTBing is 1x1, my all-mountain bike is a 2 x 9, and XC is 3 x 9. If building any new bikes they’d be 1 x 10 or 1 x 11 for sure.

Spoke to Slinky yesterday - he’s quit the forum, so he tells me - however he did tell me that this 11 speed is a good thing. He also tells me that the new riveting technology means that 10 speed chains are now stronger than 8 speed chains. And that 11 speed will run the same 10 speed chains.

I also reminded him that I had busted 3 Sram chains in 12 months (2 x 9s, 1 x 10) - all the same way, upshifting under load. We concurred that this can be put down to poor technique on my behalf.:slight_smile:

I find 2-by-x set-up to be the ultimate (mine is 2x9 atm). Gives you a big enough gear to ride to the trails, and a small enough gear to get over anything. Having said that I ride a Trance so perhaps I will build up a 1-by-x set up rigid or HT and give that a go. Have done 1x9 on a 29er a few years ago and liked it for a quick trail ride, but not for anything longer.

MTB’ing is the ultimate form of consumer-cycling imo - 26", 29er, 650B, 36er, 2-by-x, 3-by-x, 1-by-1, 100mm, 120mm, 140mm, dual sus, HT, rigid, mech, hydro, discs, Vs, steel, slu, crabon, 1 1/8", 1 1/4", 135mm, 150mm, 15QR, 20mm, maxle etc etc etc.


1 x 9 can take you from 1:1 ratio to very bloody fast, and 1x10 can take you slightly beyond. 1 x 11? What are they doing? Why 11? If more steps between Hi and Lo is definitely better, have they really asked themselves, “what is the most we can do?” If Campy did 11 a few years ago, surely 14 or so is possible now. Show me the rationale for 11 being optimum and I will be into it. Til then, I stick to 9sp thumbies.

And I agree with tim, MTB is getting truly ridiculous for options of kit. The SRAM product manager has no case to answer for deviating from a standard. Go into a store and ask for a “standard” suspension fork these days.

I’m putting one on my YETI, just to annoy JP.