SS conversion kit/tensioner

Hey folks

Does anyone know where I can pick up a chain tensioner in Oz?

I’m working on a fixed/SS project using a road frame - all I need now is my ENO eccentric hub to arrive (slow eBay transaction). Meanwhile I’m anxious to ride this gleaming sub-6kg bike, so I threw on a standard wheel with 9 speed cassette. It rides fine (well, f*cking fantastic AAMOF), but the chain is a bit loose and I can’t hit it too hard.

Even if someone in BRIS can lend me one for 2-3 weeks?



If you can’t find one. Use an old derailer. As you say, it’s only for a short period. The derailer will work just fine.


Thanks Des. I’ve cut the chain to length already. Do you need a long chain to use a derailleur, or can you rig it to just sit on top of the short chain?


Depends. If you have problems running the chain through the two jockey wheels then try just running it through one wheel.


I think I’ve found a very lovely person who will lend me a tensioner :smiley: