SSNATS Dungog this Weekend...

Who’s going?

There is a few of the SydBMA crew heading up for shenanigans of the one speed variety.

Should be a great weekend on two wheels.


Sounds like it’s going to be great. The only thing that would stop me going there would be a big life event, e.g. getting married. And guess who’s getting hitched this week?

Have fun. Take plenty of spare tubes (for the pointy rocks) (do people still use tubes?) and watch out for cows on the track.

Hey Alex! Good luck mate! I mean, have a good wedding n that.

im coming up to sydney but dungog probably too far for me D:

Nice one Alex, all the best!

Nice one and good on you! Planning to pop the question in NZ next month, somewhere green, only us and our lightweight tent, drinking coffees out of Titanium mugs, having 2 sets of underwear for 10 days, I think its gonna be great.

I won’t be there, but my old mtb will be.

I keep my eyes peeled, what was/is it??

Singular Hummingbird by #lordayplease, on Flickr

I can better that, I’ve already ridden it. You sold it to my flattie Lachie.