SSS winter BBQ.

It’s the SSS winter BBQ event! It’s at Pyrmont park and we’re meeting at Martin Place at 1pm. The meat and (hopefully) beer will be provided by the SSS, sausage sandwiches mostly. If you wanting anything else you should bring it yourself, Hos will bring the rice + chopsticks. There will be Trackstand, Skid and the Robo Tube changing competition by Robo Cog. $5 entry to compete in all competitions with a wheel set, t-shirts, bags, Spring Court discount vouchers + 2 pairs of shoes and a tattoo voucher from Ping Pong from Kaleidoscope (are you fucking serious?, the best prize I ever heard of), and, and, and, and a tattoo from up and coming tattoo artist under the guise of the legendary Ping Pong… Nong Chang for prizes. Sponsored by Robo Cog, SSS, Supply store, OL’GOOD, Hell On Wheels, BFF, Kaleidoscope (Ping Pong), Nong Chang, Spring Court and more sponsors and prizes to come.

It’s going to be a big event and lot’s of fun with rad prizes.

…we have a secret motive for this event, if I’m to be completly honest, we will be shooting photo’s, collecting broken parts, anything of SSS related interest, ALL YOUR SPOKE CARDS and your stories for the up coming exhibition. Bring your self, your apetite, your stories, which we will document on the day and your bike. B.Y.O bike.


yeeeeeeeeeeeewwww! Il be there broken forks in hand. Will be making a rusty unfashionably late entrance. What time do you think you wil run the tyre change comp Faz? Sounds like a hoot for sure.

I think we going to run it as the main event at the end of the day man. Let me know when you on your way maybe we can squeeze you into the comp!

Thanks for everything as well man!

No sweat dude. Tubes arrived today so we are all set. Dont close the store till 4 so will prob make it down by 4.30 but if it is a super slow day i can close up a bit early. Maybe swing by before Sunday to grab the stuff just incase I take too long to get down there. Going to be a rad arvo, hope the weather man lets us have a good one!

is this open to everyone? =) never been to meets before

The weather is looking promising for tomorrow so maybe I won’t lose my mind after all. If it stays clear, I’ll be there. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone as this will be my first meet aswell. Anyone heading in from Mascot direction?

I might be heading in from Botany about 4ish - depends on what time I get back from Northern beaches. And weather.

oh cool, well i might already be there, but we could head back along botany road if you end up going?

I think the tyre change comp should be my bmx rear wheel - G sport ribcage/odyssey frequency G tyre. They would be there for half an hour!
I might be able to come to this, it would be great.

If I’m out of bed before midday I might drop by.

Bad arse day! Weather held out for sure, sooooo lucky. Thanks to everyone that rocked up and to all the sponsors- big thanks to Robo Cog, BFF, Hell on Wheels, Deus. Spring Court and Remy and Lee’s cafe! Awesome day, I hope everyone had fun!

mate thanks to you. this was an awesome day! ill be around for the future meets and rides! great stuff!

+1 Mossy, yesterday has convinced me to rock up on the reg.

I Missed damm

Thanks Faz and SSS crew, was a great arvo!

who won the tattoo?

I really wanted to go but family comes first.