Stable Update

Hey guys,

Finally finished piecing together the columbus/reynold’s track frame shipped over by Jase some months back. Been riding it as much as I can recently and am loving it. Big ups to Jase!

[u]Parts list:[/u]

Frame/fork: 54sq steel track frame, fork crown stamped reynolds, columbus track ends.
Headset: Tange
Bars: Nitto RB-001
Stem: Nitto jag
Seatpost: Thomson inline
Saddle: OG concor
Cranks: Sugino Aero Mighty
Chainring: campagnolo 52T
Chain: Izumi eco
Wheelset: Phil Wood to mavic open pro built by shifter

Some pics below, finally got my hands on a decent camera, but pardon the convoluted background… Will have to take some clearer snaps when I get the time to go a more than a few steps out the door.

Figured while I have the camera I’d take a shot of my other two rides, the viking and my ‘beater’ are still going strong. Made a few changes here and there, links to their original threads and parts lists are before each image.

Thanks for looking

that wheelset is too lovely.

still kicking myself i let that one go =(

rides really nice, but glad to see it went to a good home =)

nice job reubs =)

Where did you get the RUN DMC and Public Enemy stickers that are on the last bike?

Lord that Viking Track is a thing of beauty, Seriously mint bike.

one day i aspire to have something like your viking, top notch

Cheers guys,

In response to Glassdoor, one of my friends has access to sticker printing at her work (graphic designer), so I got most of the stickers printed by her.

Well perhaps you can, fairrrrrly sure it’ll be for sale (in part or whole) in the near future. Too many bikes, not enough cash…

seen this round the way, liking the beat up with good parts kinda deal.