Cinelli MASH

Sram omnium w/ sugino chainring
Deda zero100 post and stem w/ ti hardware
Custom nuevos w/ toshi doubles
Arione ti rail saddle
HKK vertex chain
Wheels: Mack to mavic open 4cd, marwi ti spokes

Plum Vainqueur 531c

Complete campag record pista ensemble
cinelli bar,stem & unicanitor saddle
DID chain
Wheels: Campag record to fiamme red lable

Gazelle Champion Mondial 531c

DA10 pitch track ensemble
DA EX headset, post and stem
Cinelli pista bars
Flite saddle
Look keos
Wheels: Dura ace to mavic ma2

Vitus 979 duralinox

Sram rival group
Cinelli bar and stem
Rolls titanio saddle
Stronglight headset on the way
Wheels: R;DT 240s to aerohead ocr F;american classic micro to aerohead


Frickin’ nice.

sir, you have very good taste

That is one of the best stables ever!

that mash is perfect, Love the low profiles:)

and those two track bikes are stunning:) I think the gazelle wins with the inch pitch, but only just.

Wow! Awesome builds!

Love the Gazelle and DA10!!!

cheers guys :slight_smile:
Hopefully my dually will be built up soon

Christ…do you still have the Paconi and the Bridgestone? What’s the story with the Plum?

nope both have been sold, the plum was off the bay from netherlands not much has been changed since except the bars. Wheels will needa rebuild soon and tubs need changing.

that plum is stunning.

backing the plum and gazelle!!

wowser…gazelle goodness. that mash is a looker too. awesome chief!