Stanwell Tops/Scarborough Ride, September 10th

I thought I’d start a new thread for this ride to avoid confusion, and maybe catch the attention of a few new people who might not have ridden with our Sydney bunch before.

Here are the details:

Saturday 10th September August
Meet at Martin Place at 6:45am, leave at 7:00, ride down via Sutherland to the Royal National Park.
Once we get to Otford:
Turn right and ride home via Stanwell Tops. Finish at the Cricketer’s Arms for lunch.
Turn left and ride down to the Scarborough Hotel. Can get the train back from there if need be.

So if the weather turns bad or your legs are tired or you have a hankering for expensive fish’n’chips, the Scarborough option could be good. Personally I prefer the Cricketer’s, but we’ll see what develops.

I’m keen to see some new faces on this ride - I know there’s some of you lurking around. The more the merrier. If you don’t think you can manage 130kms, there are plenty of train stations along the way.

Here are the route maps:

Google Maps - Sydney to Scarborough

Google Maps - Scarborough to Sydney

The weather isn’t looking quite as nice as this weekend, but I’m sure we’ll be fine. I’m actually keen to do this every second weekend, starting on the 10th, and I think a few others are too.

As mentioned in the previous thread, there are some good hills in the Audley section of the ride, so I’d recommend either a road bike or something with proper brakes.

Also - I think some people will be joining us at Sutherland. The meeting point will be the 7-11 petrol station on the roundabout at the north end of Eton St.

I’m off to Fremantle til Friday, and won’t be online much, but please feel free to carry on about the weather/steepness of hills/sub-6-kilo road bikes etc while I’m gone.

I’ll be coming off an overnight shift til 8am this day, but I hope the rest of you have fun!

Like Duncan said, I think we should make this a semi-regular thing this spring/summer. The Audley/Stanwell Tops combo is my favourite out of the various routes possible around Sydney.

Keen for this to happen. Mark my words - we will head to Jonno and Ev’s part of the world for hill assault many times this summer.

I will also be finishing a night shift on the morning of this ride. Keen to revisit this and various other wondrous riding options. I seem to have grown legs.

I can’t do this Either due to work!
I’ll hit you boys up in a few weeks when I have a few weeks off

Rhys And Duncan… Kiosk at 9 on tuesday?

Sounds good. I’m in. lunch at the Cricketers suits me, but we’ll see how the timing goes.

I’m in, see ya Saturday.

Lets not forget;
Waratah Park Cyclocross GP

So, cool and partly cloudy, 30% chance of rain. See you at Martin Place at 7:00.

I have no idea how my body is going to react to a long ride at the moment.

It will love you for it. This ride will be good regardless of the weather. See you in the morning.

Last time I tried to ride a long way I didn’t eat properly and had a pretty big hunger flat. I came good at the 7 hour mark though.

Looking forward to it.

For those who can’t make this ride, ironically a friend and I will be doing this (or something very similar) on Sunday morning, 7am from Georgina x King, Newtown. I am going fixed, my friend on his de rosa roadie.

All welcome.

We’ll see what the weather holds. Maybe I’ll do it twice in a row.

Carlin and I just got back to Sutherland. It was a great morning, bit of a headwind going out but excellent coming back on the highway.

Now we’re eating pies and going to watch the cyclocross. Rod? Jono??

Thanks for coming to cheer me on doods. Was great fun racing.

Was good seeing Rod smash his way around the cyclocross track. Made me very, very tempted to get into that myself. Looked like hard work though, so I’ll probably just talk about it a lot and not do it for a while.

Meanwhile, I don’t understand where that smiley face came from. I didn’t type it, and can’t delete it now that it’s there. wtf?

Was great watching, having never actually seen it in action before

… and now you’re selling some cx-related gear on the interweb… a very cunning plan…

Ah yeh, it didn’t happen for me… Sorry to y’all.