Star wars!

I recently had this same conversation with a friend who is expecting her first child and was unsure which order to school her kid the trilogy.

I’d always go with the first set and then the more recent/tragic newer versions.

I’d completely steer clear of any of the “clone wars” parts though.

star trek is where it’s at, that is all

does she actually care to see them?
if not, don’t make her watch them. really not that amazing.
and yes, there were only ever 3 star wars films.

a friend of mine almost cried when boba fett was revealed to be jake the muss.

I cried when SPOILER yoda died…

i cried when yoda become a cgi piece of shit

^ I cried when megatron bashed optimus prime in the original transformers movie, and that was a cartoon!

i have a bunch of star wars tattoos… dont ask…

but i remember getting my yoda tattoo, and people were like, yoda?

i was like yoda, the guys timeless.

how can george lucas fuck up yoda in the prequels?


My wife was the same… We watched the original trilogy. This reminds me of the movie Fan Boys… “What if the new one sucks?”

just watch spaceballs…

ive tried at least 10 times to sit through that whole movie.

still havent nailed it.

YouTube - Never Seen Star Wars!?


Star Trek, Next Gen for me.
Star Trek, Deep Space Nine, close second.
Star Wars, meh.


Just scrap all three and watch style wars.

Bris 31.